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Committees & VIP Volunteers

To discuss joining a committee, or other long-term VIP volunteer options, contact:

Ken H. Braley
Volunteer Services & Digital Marketing Coordinator
office: (585) 546-1470 ext. 315 · cell: (585) 435-7252
email: kbraley@rochesterhabitat.org


Construction Committee

This committee provides assistance to the staff in all aspects of construction: design, technology, cost, in-kind donations, scheduling, training and safety. The committee provides periodic updates on construction status to the Leadership Council.

Development Committee

This committee enhances the public profile of Habitat, develops strategies and programs to increase involvement and support, uses various media to reach constituencies, encourages individuals and corporations to support Habitat’s house building program, and develops and implements advocacy programs to promote affordable housing.

Development Subcommittees: Roc Properties, Women Build, Leaders Build, American Dream, Habitat Young Professionals, Faith-based Groups, Youth Groups

Executive Committee

This committee exercises powers of the Board of Directors which arise between regularly scheduled Board meetings or when it is not practical or feasible for the Board to meet. The Committee will consist of the Corporate President/CEO, Board Chair, the immediate past President of the Board, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. In the event the Board Chair is absent, the Vice Chair may act as the Chair.

Family Selection

This committee monitors the homebuyer recruitment process and reviews applications from eligible families to become part of the Habitat program based on three criteria: housing need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner.

Family Support Committee & Homebuyer Coaches

This committee creates programs, activities and policies that support Habitat families.

Habitat Young Professionals (HYP)

Habitat Young Professionals (HYP), brings emerging leaders and socially conscious young adults together to help support Habitat's mission through building, fundraising, networking, professional development, and more. HYP Committee Members commit to help organize the HYP Program, events, and projects. General HYP Members and participants do not require a large committment, they can simply attend events and projects, and help spread the word by inviting their networks.


This committee focuses on increasing donations and sales of home improvement and related new and used items in order to increase ReStore sales and hence support for Habitat’s building program and also decrease the number of items placed in landfills. This committee reaches out to constituencies that donate to the ReStore via trade groups and professional associations and encourages the creation of formal partnerships. The committee oversees initiatives to increase donations and sales from individuals. It also provides financial oversight.

  • NEW! ReStore Driver's Assistant (not driver)
    ReStore Driving Assistants travel with a ReStore staff driver to pick up donated items. These assistants make it possible for the ReStore to constantly update its inventory, and help promote positive interactions with donors in the community.
    This position will include accepting donations directly from donors’ homes with an emphasis on what we accept and do not accept. Staff will assist the volunteer in learning what a "good" donation entails.
    Ample training will be provided as needed.
    • We are looking for volunteers that can commit to one or two days per week. They are needed Thursday and/or Friday, from 9:30 am – 3 pm.
    • Responsible for maintaining a good relationship with both frequent and first-time donors
    • Assist truck driver by loading and unloading vehicles by hand or by use of hand-truck/dolly
    • Stack and secure items in position on truck to prevent damage during transport
    • Assist in care and maintenance of truck interior and cargo area
    • Perform other duties as required by managers or driver
    • Ability to lift 50+ lbs.
    • Ability to follow directions

Veterans Committee (forming)

To help provide volunteer, housing, and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members, and their families.

Youth Committee

This committee raises awareness and educates area youth, both within Habitat homeowner families and in schools and church youth groups, about the mission of Flower City Habitat for Humanity.


To discuss joining a committee, or other long-term VIP volunteer options, contact:

Ken H. Braley
Volunteer Services & Digital Marketing Coordinator
office: (585) 546-1470 ext. 315 · cell: (585) 435-7252
email: kbraley@rochesterhabitat.org



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