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Congregational and faith-based support is the bedrock upon which the success of Flower City Habitat for Humanity is built.  Since 1996, over 40% of the houses we have built have been sponsored by faith-based communities we call "Coalitions."  These sponsorships have provided homes for dozens of families who would never otherwise have been able to own a home.  Thank you for joining us in our mission of building homes and rebuilding neighborhoods and community.
If you have volunteered to help Habitat build, you have observed first-hand the impact of our work: future homeowners are empowered and transformed, and a new community is born.  We as volunteers are also transformed as we put our faith into action.  We give our time and resources.  We receive in turn, various gifts.
Both our Church Relations Committee and the staff at Flower City Habitat are available to assist, provide guidance, and offer encouragement and support every step of the way.  This Project Guide provides an array of suggestions and ideas that build on the successful work of other coalition sponsors.  We can also put you in touch with representatives from other faith-based coalitions, from whom you can learn about successful systems, procedures and events.
No two coalitions will proceed the same way, and there are numerous opportunities for creativity and innovation.  This is your own project -- put your stamp on it and make it special and unique!

Thank you again for joining in our work and ministry.



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