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Fundraising/Donations Committee

Responsibilities: To plan fundraising events, activities and projects, and secure volunteers and resources.
Sponsors can raise the necessary funds for their project in a variety of ways including: utilization of their congregational funds, special collections, or a variety of fundraising activities.
Fundraising Ideas
The following describes some of the successful fundraising events conducted by our faith-based partners. These activities should build community within your group or congregation while helping your Coalition raise funds to build a house!
We encourage you to adopt ongoing fundraisers to produce a fundraising stream for your Coalition which will require less labor and reap benefits year-round. St. Pauly Clothing Collection is a great example of this.
Your group may choose to use none, all or a combination of these ideas to help meet your financial goals. Habitat staff are also available to you for ideas and assistance in raising these funds.
St. Pauly Textile
This partner organization is great at working with our faith-based groups. They’ll help organize a clothing drive, or place one of their sheds on your church property so that proceeds from donations at that site go automatically to your Coalitions fundraising efforts. More information on St. Pauly Textile can be found at their website.
Annual Holiday Pie Sales
Many of our partner groups participate in this fundraiser. You sell the pies; we deliver them to your church with a portion of the proceeds going directly to your project. Since 2001, this has been a successful fundraiser for all partnering groups. 

Habitat House Banks
Habitat for Humanity sells colorful cardboard house banks that are sturdy and very useful for collecting donations to support your project at www.habitat.org. These are effective any time of year, but especially during the Lenten season.  The cost is less than twenty-cents per house bank.
Square Foot Drive
Each Habitat house contains approximately 1,100 square feet of livable space; thus each square foot costs $59.00.  Certificates for square feet purchased can be designed in memory of a loved one, in honor of a family name, or as a holiday or special-occasion gift.  This has proven to be a very effective approach to fundraising and many people choose to support a project in this way.
“Purchase” Materials for the House through a Donation
Supporters may choose to donate cash in the amount of the cost of a door, window, roof shingles, etc.  This is a popular fundraiser, as people like the idea of "buying" a specific item for the house.  One couple even chose to give each other Habitat house matching doors for their anniversary!  
Try "Sign-A-Stud" and ask signatures’ for a small donation to autograph a stud that will be installed in the framing of the home.
See our list of material costs for more information on donating amounts for specific building needs.
Pin Sale
Pins can be made by congregation members or purchased from Habitat for Humanity International. House pins can also be ordered from Designs by Lucinda.  They cost around $7.00 each and can be sold for up to $16.00.
Entertainment Books
Your church or group can sell these great books to anyone and keep the proceeds for your build!
Hike for Habitat
Plan a 5K for your Coalition! 
Spaghetti Dinner or Pancake Day
This is your traditional "church supper" fundraiser, with proceeds going to your build fund.
Red Wings or Amerks Ticket Sales
These teams offer group discounts and other fundraising opportunities.  Call the Rochester Red Wings Director of Group Sales at 585-454-1001 extension 3022 for details.  Or call the Amerks at 454-5335.
T-Shirt Sales
Many groups wish to design, produce, and sell, their own T-shirts. Be sure that your cost/revenue margins for this event are in line with your fundraising goals.
These are just a sample of the possible fundraisers available to your Coalition. Raising the funds is up to you, and we’re here to assist should you need us. Occasionally, FCHH will create and help execute fundraisers for all of our outside constituent groups.

In-Kind Donations

Your Coalition may want to seek donations of building materials and/or services.  It is possible to raise a considerable amount of dollar value for a project through donated materials and services.  
Corporate Donations
While you may approach corporations and businesses for in-kind donations, please respect our "Do Not Solicit" List for those vendors, businesses and corporations that are already supporting Habitat and should not be solicited by your Coalition, unless the owner of the company is a member of your congregation.
B & L Wholesale
Flower City Glass 
Matthews & Fields Lumber
Monroe Tractor 
Passero & Associates
Rochester Lumber
Youngblood Disposal

If in doubt, please contact FCHH Construction Manager, Sheila Sloan:
        (585) 546-1470 Ext. 307
Acceptable Approaches
The most productive ways to solicit material and service donations are personal contact and networking in your own community.
Please do not solicit material donations from businesses located outside your community or your sector of the city unless the owner of the company is a member of one of the faith communities participating in the Habitat Project. We have other coalitions around Rochester and would like to give them the chance to solicit in their immediate area just like yours is.
Guidelinesfor In-Kind Donations:
All donated materials must be new and meet specifications.

Written statements as to the kinds and quantities of materials and/or services to be donated are necessary, so that Habitat can be aware of them and plan accordingly. (See sample Letter of Commitment.)
Major material deliveries need to be coordinated with the construction schedule, because Habitat has very little storage capacity.  Call Habitat's Construction Manager, Bill Bartlett at 585-546-1470 to make arrangements for delivery.
Services and Labor:  Dollar value credit can be earned for only the services for which Habitat currently contracts labor. Excavation services, for example, are contracted.  Please talk with our Construction Manager, Sheila Sloan, if you have questions.
Close coordination with Habitat is essential to determine the suitability of possible material and service donations and the dollar value to be credited to your project.
The dollar value of donated materials and services is Habitat's typical purchase price.
Donated materials or services must be in a quantity to adequately meet the needs for one sponsored house.
Donations cannot be applied beyond the current sponsor year.




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