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Publicity, Signage, & Ceremonies Committee

Goals of this committee include informing all congregations in your faith community about the project and promoting it to the entire community to attract volunteers and donations. We’ve found that the more people know about all aspects of this effort, the more they will feel a part of their congregation's effort.

Information on Logo Use:
As a partner with Flower City Habitat for Humanity, you may use our original, unaltered logo. We have various colors and formats and are happy to provide you with the logo you need!
Flower City Habitat for Humanity logo is trademarked and copyright protected, therefore it may not be altered in any way for publications for your Coalition including the house sign. 
Use of the Habitat for Humanity International logo by your group is strictly prohibited. 

Publicity Suggestions
Publicity promotes involvement in and support for the project. FCHH is here to help you promote your build events! Should you have questions about promotions, please contact our Communications Associate Manager, Deanna Varble (585) 546-1470 ext 304.

Please keep FCHH informed of all fund raising or related events that you are conducting for your project. We need to be informed of these activities because your Coalition represents Flower City Habitat for Humanity and we will often answer questions from the media or public about your events. 
We are also here to help you publicize your events so that a greater audience can be reached with your materials via our social and other media forms
Please note that any press release needs to be run by our Communications Department before distribution from your Coalition.
You may want to utilize the following tips when promoting your build:
  • Distribute FCHH approved press releases to publicize the project and its important milestones such as ground breaking, wall raising ceremony and the dedication.  Press releases can also attract volunteers, donations and community involvement.  
  • Promote and publicize any fundraising events, activities or projects both throughout the faith community and the general public in your community.
  • Publish articles about Habitat and your project in the church bulletin.
  • Create a Habitat Project newsletter.  Feature each committee of the project and describe their work and encouraging community involvement.
  • Bulletin Boards: Display pictures of building progress, information on the home owner family or weekly update on the build.
  • Send articles and photographs to local town papers that cover your area.
  • Produce videos for and with Public Access Television.
  • Create a website for your project.
Project Sign
As soon as the foundation has been completed, faith-based coalitions are expected to provide a professionally produced (not home-made) sign that will be posted outside the house on the construction site.  This can be either a 3' x 5' or 4' x 8' rigid sign or a banner that can be attached to the house or to wooden stakes in the ground in front of the house.  This enables our community to see that Flower City Habitat for Humanity is building in this neighborhood with the support of your sponsorship!
The sign should include:
  • Address of the house
  • Name of the sponsoring coalition
  • Coalition logo
  • Flower City Habitat for Humanity logo
  • Names of all participating congregations should be included if space permits
The coalition logo and the Habitat logo should be equal in size and on opposite sides of sign.  The use of color is up to you, but the Habitat logo should always be in either black and white or blue and green.  We will provide our logo in digital form to you or to the sign company you chose upon request.
It is traditional for Habitat house sponsors to hold opening and closing ceremonies for their project.  The date and time for these events must be coordinated with the Habitat office. Ground breaking and wall raising are two optional ceremonies however, the dedication is one that you will want to plan as a culminating event for your build.
Ground Breaking Ceremony
While we continue to shy away from formal ground-breaking ceremonies for our Coalitions, please know that it may be beneficial for your group to take a photo of the lot you’re building on during the first week of construction. This will provide a ‘before’ photo for your group. Subsequent photos can be taken by your Communications Committee as you see fit to document your projects progress.
Wall Raising Ceremony
Held a few weeks into the project following completion of the foundation and floor deck.  A wall-raising enables a large group to take part in the ceremony and it makes for great photos.  The ceremony includes remarks by key Steering Committee members, prayers by one or more pastors, introduction of the homeowner family, music, and light refreshments are optional.  The whole event can be done well within one hour.
While this event is yours to plan, please keep FCHH abreast of the details or anything we can assist with. You may want to invite volunteers, pastors, dignitaries to meet the family whose house you are sponsoring. 
FCHH will handle all site arrangements and provide the necessary tools and materials for all ceremonies.
House Dedication Ceremony
This event does so much in the way of wrapping up your project. It celebrates completion of the house, spotlights the homeowner family, acknowledges Coalition leaders and other special individuals, and recognizes valuable contributors to the project.
Your group is responsible for planning this event, but please keep FCHH informed and reach out to Tiffany Paine should you have questions while preparing for your culminating event!
A program for this event should be created by your Coalition or by our Communications Assocaite, but let us know your plan of action. Copies can be provided by the FCHH office with 24 hour notice. If you plan to sing at the event, please include song lyrics in the program where possible.
The following are an integral part of the House Dedication and must be included in the program:
  • Introduction of the homeowner and all family members present;
  • Remarks by a representative of FCHH (typically, CEO, Arthur Woodward);
  • Presentation of the Bible;
  • Presentation of the hammer;
  • Presentation of gifts where appropriate;
  • An opportunity for the family to speak at the close.
Click here for two samples of a good dedication program.
The house is open for tours following the ceremony.  (Carpeting and other finishing touches are installed after the ceremony so as not to ruin them during the event.)
Members of the Communication Committee are encouraged to work with the FCHH who will help contact the homeowner to plan refreshments (who wants to provide what) and to discuss ideas for housewarming gifts.
Housewarming Gifts
You may chose to present housewarming gifts to your homeowner at the dedication. It is a joyous time when a family moves into their new home.  We have found that the transition from apartment living to homeownership requires the purchase of many things.
Some coalitions purchase a storm door for the back door, a washer and dryer or lawnmower.  Others focus on kitchen or gardening gifts.  The gifts you provide as a Coalition are completely up to you based on the homeowner's particular needs.
We discourage giving elaborate or expensive gifts since we build multiple homes and try to keep things equal among the homeowners.  We encourage adults and children to help in the gift preparation and presentation. Please contact the Tiffany Paine to inquire about the homeowner’s needs when considering gifts.
Here is a list of gift ideas:
Cleaning supplies

Laundry baskets

Laundry detergent

Photo frames

Coffee pot


Dish towels


Mop and bucket

Dust pan

Dust buster/Hand Vac Paper products (paper towel, napkins, paper plates and cups)

Garbage can

Garbage bags

Vacuum cleaner

Can opener

Paper towel dispencer

Tool box/tools

Leaf rake

Garden gloves

Spade Shovel

Garden hose

Wheel barrel

Gift Cards
If you wish to donate a washer or dryer, please feel free to contact the Habitat office about our Whirlpool discount.
Involving Children in Key Ceremonies
There are many ways that the children of your Coalition may get involved with the process. Children from one coalition were given perennial seeds and asked to grow the plants at home over the summer. They took the plants to the dedication and planted them in a small garden that had been prepared ahead of time.
Several elementary classes earned money doing special chores and purchased small kitchen gifts, presenting two baskets to the homeowner at the dedication.  Children may prepare a song or poem and present it at the Wall Raising Ceremony as well.
One way to encourage youth participation in the project is to invite involvement with ceremony programs and housewarming gifts including: a wall hanging, quilts for each child's bed, photo or memory album of the house building project.
A website built especially for your coalition project can be a useful tool to inform your members about your project and its progress, recruit potential volunteers etc.


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