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Steering/Finance Committee

This committee promotes communication and coordination among all of the project participants.  It oversees the project and insures that each committee is performing tasks in accordance with the outlined schedule.

It is also responsible for establishing a bank account for the project, collecting and depositing donations, and writing checks for payments to Habitat or for purchases.  

The members of the Steering/Finance Committee are responsible for encouraging participation by all member congregations on some level, be it fundraising, volunteering, or both.  This Committee maintains the relationship between the Coalition and Habitat staff, as well as with Habitat's Church Relations Committee.

Membership: This committee should have representation from each congregation in theCoalition and from each of the other committees listed above.


  1. Publish a directory of committee members and important contacts and distribute it to each member of the Steering/Finance Committee.  Every pastor in your coalition should have one as well.  Each additional committee should do the same to help members stay in touch.  
  2. Homeowner Liaison: Habitat staff will assist you in liaising with your home owner.

Financial Responsibilities for the Steering/Finance Committee

  1. Record all financial transactions for the project;
  2. Deposit all receipts;
  3. Issue all payment checks;
  4. Distribute a monthly report to committee members.

Financial Suggestions

  1. Appoint a Habitat Project Treasurer
  2. It is recommended that coalitions use one congregation's Employer Identification Number or EIN, usually the EIN for the Treasurer's church, to open a Habitat project bank account.
  3. This is important because it maintains a separation between the project and FCHH, since the coalition is managing its own funds.
  4. Ask each participating congregation to make a small donation so the Project Treasurer can begin by opening an account in the Coalition's name.
  5. When members from each participating congregation wish to donate funds to the Habitat project, they should make checks payable to their own church and direct the check with a note in the memo line to the Habitat project.
  6. Each congregation's financial secretary then issues monthly checks to the Coalition's Habitat Project Treasurer.  This permits each church to include those donations on their donors' regular statements for tax purposes and reduces the Project Treasurer's transactions.
  7. All disbursements are coordinated by the Habitat Project Treasurer.

Making Payments to Habitat

We accept payments in thirds for house building projects: One third of total payment at groundbreaking, one third of total payment at week 7 (approximate mid-point) and the remaining payment at the project’s completion.

Your Coalition may choose to open a money market account to accumulate funds while waiting to make the second and third payments.

Any necessary in-kind donation needed for the build and provided by your Coalition will be deducted from the amount of the third and final payment.

Important Insurance Information:

Should someone be injured on our building site the volunteer's personal insurance provides primary coverage.  Flower City Habitat for Humanity carries secondary insurance that covers any costs above those covered by an injured volunteer's personal insurance.  An accident report must be completed at the time the injury occurred.



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