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Building the American Dream

The American Dream - an ethos of our country where we believe that everyone has an opportunity for upward mobility through hard work. At Flower City Habitat, we believe in the American Dream. We live it every day another potential Habitat family works hard on the 450 sweat-equity hours of their home. It is also present in every zero-interest mortgage payment made by Habitat homeowner families.


At Flower City Habitat for Humanity, we believe in hard work. We believe that together, by rolling up our sleeves and picking up a hammer, we can create a better, stronger city. More than 1/3 of Rochester city residents have income levels preventing them from the traditional means of homeownership. By building homes in low-income neighborhoods, giving a hand-up not a hand-out, we can help many of these Rochestarians.




But we can do more. As we celebrate the dedication of our 200th house in Rochester, we couldn’t help but consider - what if that number could grow to 2,000? Imagine the possibility of 2,000 new homeowner residents in the core of our city, paying taxes, gardening, joining the neighborhood watch, talking with their neighbors on their front porch, and living the American Dream.

So consider raising your voice this year by making a monthly recurring gift to our American Dream Campaign. We’ll use your support to build MORE houses with MORE families and strengthen our city.




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