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House Dedications

Home dedications are the most rewarding milestone in the home building process. After the construction for a home is completed the homeowner, theirs friends, family and the sponsor groups or organizations gather together for a ceremony to celebrate the hard work and love that goes into each Habitat house.

As tradition from Habitat International there is a presentation of a hammer and bible to each new homeowner. The hammer represents the hard work that went into building the home and the bible acts as a reminder of the individual faith and perseverance that brought them to Habitat.

It is a joyous time when a family moves into their new home and often volunteers like to offer housewarming gifts to the new homeowner to celebrate this wonderful event. Typical housewarming gifts include new kitchen items, laundry baskets, a hose, rake and gardening tools, home repair tools, fire extinguisher or a snow shovel. For more information, please contact Teresa Bianchi at 546-1470, Ext. 305 or tbianchi@rochesterhabitat.org



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