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Homeowner Stories


Amanda Quick

Trust street is an ongoing challenge for Amanda Quick and her fellow Habitat homeowners, whose tidy homes are still outnumbered by ill-kempt properties owned by slum landlords.  Read More...


The Tucker Family

Theirs is an unusual story, even for Habitat.

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Valerie Lawrence

In January, 2005, Habitat homeowner Valerie Lawrence received the fourth annual "Snowflake Award" from Wilson Commencement Park. Read More...


Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson -- with the support of her mother Rose -- is working in partnership with Flower City Habitat and the Brighton Churches coalition to build a new home.Read More...


Toni Upshaw

In the fall of 2004, the City of Rochester's Sector 3 Planning Committee presented FCHH with an award accepted by new homeowner Toni Upshaw. Read More...

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Tara Alligood

Eleven new Habitat homes on Cuba Place offer Tara Alligood and her neighbors a peaceful refuge in a neighborhood once known for hopelessness and strife. Read More...



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