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Building Houses, Building Hope

FCHH Rehab - 43 Thomas Street.
Homeowners -The Williams family.

Flower City Habitat for Humanity works to revitalize inner city neighborhoods by building on some of the city's most deteriorated streets. Our mission is to bring people together to build houses, communities, and hope. We believe that homeownership is one of the keys to strong families and to communities that are safe and stable.

In cooperation with the City of Rochester, Flower City Habitat for Humanity acquires vacant lots in neighborhoods challenged by crime, absentee landlords, abandoned properties and substandard housing. FCHH builds 7-10 houses each year. Our building capacity depends on house sponsorships and fundraising.

Community Impact

Thriving Families

Flower City Habitat homeowners are stable and their children do not change schools as frequently as do many low-income renters. This contrasts with data from the JOSANA neighborhood where 43% of renters rent their homes for less than 1 year. Remarkably, 98% of children of FCHH homeowners graduate from high school and attend trade school or an institution of higher education. Of those who do not graduate, data indicate that the drop-out rate is 46% lower in children of Flower City Habitat homeowners than those in similar geographies. Of those who drop-out, FCHH children are more likely to pursue a GED than youth from non-Habitat homes.

Overall Impact

Since its founding in 1984, Flower City Habitat for Humanity has built or rehabilitated over 200 homes, most of which were built in Rochester's "Crescent of Poverty”. These homes have added $6.5 million to the city's tax base. Every 11 new FCHH homes add over $500,000 to the tax base annually.

A study funded by the George and Anne Fisher Foundation

Most people understand how valuable our work is, but until now, we've had no concrete evidence with which to document Habitat's impact on families and neighborhoods.

The findings of a study funded by the George and Anne Fisher Foundation, enable us to demonstrate quantitatively that inner city families thrive in Flower City Habitat homes and homeowners improve our community.

Flower City Habitat homes have significantly impacted neighborhood stability and well-being. FCHH homes are assessed at more than twice the average city home on the same street ($44,161 vs. $21,547) and non-Habitat for Humanity homes on a Habitat for Humanity Street will be assessed at least 8% higher than homes on the next nearest streets. Forty percent of FCHH homeowners participate in some kind of neighborhood watch program and 75% donate their time to churches or community centers.

Invest in Success

Building over 200 homes has already made a difference, but we could do so much more with additional resources. A gift to Flower City Habitat for Humanity is an investment in the health and well-being of a family, a neighborhood and our community.

The single greatest barrier to completing more homes each year is lack of funding.

How can you help?

Businesses and Organizations:

  • Become a Flower City Habitat for Humanity Corporate Supporter through sponsorship or in-kind donations.


Faith-based groups:

  • Join other congregations and faith organizations to sponsor a house.
  • Include Flower City Habitat for Humanity in your outreach budget.


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