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Cuba Place

Photo: Cuba Place before Habitat

Typical home on Cuba Place before Habitat's neighborhood rejuvenation. Habitat acquired 11 vacant lots after the City of Rochester demolished substandard and deteriorating houses.

Photo: Cuba Place

With the construction of 11 new homes during 1998 and 1999, a street once notorious for drug activity, other crime and hopelessness was transformed into a new neighborhood.

Cuba Place, a tiny one-way street on Rochester's northeast side, suffered a steady decline for many years. By the early 1990s, Cuba Place was the little street with the big reputation as an open-air drug market. Rundown, vacant houses and lots were plentiful. Police raids and other efforts failed to solve the problem.

Starting in 1998, Flower City Habitat decided to make Cuba Place the focus of our first large-scale building effort. Working with infrastructure help from the city, we concentrated our energy on strengthening the neighborhood one house at a time.

Today, Cuba Place is remarkably different. Eleven new homes line the street, with lovingly tended gardens, porches and yards. There are even new lights, curbs and sidewalks. Best of all, now this little street has 11 new homeowners (and 25 more children) who form a solid core of caring, committed neighbors. Along with residents who have lived on the street for years, Flower City Habitat homeowners on Cuba Place are improving their neighborhood.



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