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Flower City Habitat's Aging in Place Program

We are currently not taking applications for our Aging In Place program. Please call 585-546-1470 for additional questions.
Flower City Habitat for Humanity's Aging in Place program helps Rochester's low-income elderly residents repair or improve their homes by adding functionalities like rails, ramps, and other upgrades that aid in accessibility; allowing these residents to safely stay in their current homes longer.
At least 19 million American households of people 50 and older live in unaffordable or inadequate housing according to the AARP Foundation. Flower City Habitat is now applying it's 35+ years of to help ensure that every generation has the chance to age in place with dignity and security. Habitat for Humanity's founder Millard Fuller once said "I envision Habitat for Humanity becoming the conscience of the world concerning shelter." We believe that giving people the ability to safely age in place is a matter of conscience.

How it works

Aging in Place partner families meet the same three foundational principals as other Habitat for Humanity families: the need for adequate shelter, the ability to pay a no-profit mortgage or loan, and a willingness to partner with Flower City Habitat. Aging in Place partner families are provided a "hand-up not a hand out" through this program; partner families repay a no-profit loan for improvements which goes back to help fund Flower City Habitat's Aging in Place program and they contribute sweat equity hours to the repair, Flower City Habitat, or the neighborhood in which they reside.
Flower City Habitat's Aging in Place program is part of a larger initiative developed by Habitat for Humanity International through its Neighborhood Revitalization program (NR), specifically it's Critical Home Repair program. The mission of NR is to serve more families by responding to community aspirations with an expanded array of products, services and partnerships, empowering residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance their quality of life.

How to apply for Aging in Place assistance

Interested families should read the sections below to see if they fit and are able to meet the basic eligibility and sweat-equity requirements of Flower City Habitat's Aging in Place program. Then to apply, please call Flower City Habitat's main office at 585-546-1470 M-F 10am to 4pm. You can also email us by clicking here.

We are currently not taking applications for our Aging In Place program. Please call 585-546-1470 for additional questions.


  • Be of age 50 years or older with an exterior home repair/improvement need*
    • *Currently our program is focusing on exterior ramps for accessibility. Though we may be able to help with additional exterior needs, currently priority will be granted to those in need of new or improved accessibly ramps.
  • Be of 30-60% Area Media Income (AMI) with the ability to pay back a no-profit loan (payment amount is based on ability to pay and our Aging in Place payment sliding scale)
  • Be able to contribute hours of sweat-equity (See details about Aging in Place sweat equity)

Sweat Equity

Flower City Habitat Aging in Place families must complete hours of sweat equity. Although some older adults might not be able to perform repair jobs meaningful sweat equity activities serve as an important vehicle in connecting older adults to the communities in which they live. Sweat equity hours might include:

  • Work on the construction of the Again in Place project itself
  • Host the volunteer sign-in
  • Learn and provide safety instructions to volunteers
  • Tell, record or write the history of the community, then share it with a youth group or the community at large
  • Write Flower City Habitat thank-you notes
  • Pray for the community
  • Be a part of a phone tree that checks in on community residents
  • Participate in a neighborhood watch
  • Read books to neighborhood children
  • Help neighborhood children with their homework
  • Make cookies for a community bake sale
  • Copy edit affiliate manuals, handbooks or other correspondence
  • Share favorite recipes
  • Participate in a walking group
  • Volunteer with a local church
  • Help conduct outcome evaluation surveys
  • Be the point of contact for the March of Dimes, Girl Scouts or other neighborhood groups
  • Help maintain a community garden

Flower City Habitat's Aging in Place Partners

Flower City Habitat's Aging in Place program exists with the help of community partners who focus in the areas of elder-care and accessibility. Our thanks in particular goes to:

John F. Wegman Fund of the Rochester Area Community Foundation

HCR Homecare


If you are interested in making a donation to Flower City Habitat's Weatherization program, please contact Rick Folger at (585) 546-1470 Ext 313 or by email at RFolger@RochesterHabitat.org.



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