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Rochester Habitat ReStore

What is Habitat ReStore

A socially conscious home improvement store that supports the building of affordable homes in Rochester, NY. The ReStore serves as a fundraising enterprise for Flower City Habitat for Humanity, helping to build affordable homes for families in our community.

What's Habitat ReStore's Goal

Our overall goal is be a fundraising arm for Flower City Habitat for Humanity. We do that by being a resource where the public can shop for quality new and used furniture, appliances and building materials at fair and considerate prices. Materials sold by Habitat ReStores are donated by building supply stores, contractors, remodelers, demolition crews and individuals who wish to show their support for Habitat. Beyond this, we believe that many of the things that are thrown away in our community still have useful life left in them. The ability to find, save and re-use these materials and goods is an added benefit provided by the ReStore, helping the environment by putting good, usable materials into use and out of landfills.

Take a Habitat ReStore Road Trip and see what you'll find at ReStores all over the Unites States.

What Does Habitat ReStore Sell

We sell donated home improvment items (tile, windows, doors, fixtures, paint, lumber, etc) and home interior items (furniture, fixtures, appliances, home goods, etc) that have been donated to us. Donations arrive daily, so our inventory is always changing. What's here one day could be sold the next, but we publish a regular E-Mail Alert, and every Friday on Facebook to keep you tuned in to new items and hot deals available at the ReStore.

How Do I Donate

Check out our donations page to learn more about why and how you can donate to Rochester's Habitat ReStore.


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