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Donation Guidelines

To speed up the donation pick-up procedure, please read these guidelines and have your donations prepared before we arrive. This will save time and ensure a pleasurable experience with our pick-up staff and volunteers.
  1. Our pick-up staff and volunteers are brilliant, but they are not handymen. Please make sure your donation is disconnected or uninstalled from its original location. We cannot remove appliances, fixtures, cabinets, built-ins or other items that are still installed in your home.

  2. Please have donations accessible on a first floor, in a garage, or outside and covered from weather. Though we would love to, we are unable to transport items up or down stairs inside the home for insurance reasons.

  3. Please measure to ensure your donation will fit through the exit you have planned. We are not able to remove doors, railings or hardware in order to get donated items out of the home, so please do this before we arrive if it is necessary.

  4. We love the idea of off-roading, but our vehicle needs to have access to the driveway and/or doorway we will be removing the donations through. Please be sure to move vehicles that may be in the way once we arrive.

  5. Remember, our intent is to re-sell your donation with 100% of proceeds going to Flower City Habitat for Humanity so our drivers reserve the right to decline a donation based on the condition of the items. We will also decline items that do not meet guidelines 1-4. If you feel your donation was unfairly turned down, please call 697-2012 and ask to speak to our store manager.




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