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Delivery Guidelines

If you purchase an item at Habitat ReStore, but don’t have an easy way to get it home, we can deliver your purchase. We deliver to areas within 20 miles of our stores for a delivery fee of $50, made at the time of purchase (this fee can only be refunded as store credit). Purchases paid in full over $500 or more are eligible for FREE delivery, ask about this at check-out. For deliveries beyond 20 miles of our stores; please ask about these delivery fees when you check-out.
To speed up the delivery procedure, please read these guidelines and have your home prepared before we arrive. This will save time and ensure a pleasurable experience with our pick-up staff and volunteers.
  1. Please measure to ensure your delivery will fit through the entrance you have planned. We are not able to remove doors, railings or hardware in order to get your items into your home, so please do this before we arrive if it is necessary.
  2. We will deliver to first floor locations only.  We are unable to go up or down stairs inside the home or apartment building.
  3. We love the idea of off-roading, but our vehicle needs to have access to the driveway and/or doorway we will be delivering to. Please be sure to move vehicles that may be in the way once we arrive. 
  4. If your delivery does not meet guidelines 1-3, we will leave your item with you outside of your building, or take the item back to our store location. If for any reason your delivery is cancelled, the fee will be returned as a store credit.




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