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Planned Giving & Legacy Society

Planned giving or legacy gifts are gifts that are left in a will to Flower City Habitat. There can be many advantages to leaving a gift to us this way. It can be tax free for one thing. That is usually one of the more satisfying aspects to donors, but you should also know that Flower City Habitat for Humanity also benefits immensely by getting more money than would otherwise if tax deductions had to be taken into consideration.

There are basically two kinds of legacy gifts. They are residuary bequests and pecuniary bequests. Pecuniary bequests are the more common for most people. It means that you specify a certain amount that will be given to Flower City Habitat for Humanity, or you can specify various amounts to be given to several charities.

Residuary bequests are in many ways the easier to make. It means that after you have allotted certain amounts to family members and friends, and whoever else you wish to be considered in your will, whatever is left over will go to Flower City Habitat for Humanity. This can be a bit more hit and miss, of course. There may be very little left over, or there may be disproportionately too much. However, you do have a choice of how you can distribute money to Flower City Habitat through making legacy gifts.

Ask your lawyer or estate planning specialist how to include Flower City Habitat in your will and become a member of the Legacy Society. Members of the Legacy Society are invited to a number of special donor recognition events.



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