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American Dream Society
Fall 2009 American Dream Society reception
at the home of Ray and Diane Brown.

By making an annual donation of $1,000 or more, you'll join an exclusive group of nearly 100 people dedicated to furthering the mission of Flower City Habitat for Humanity.

Members of our American Dream Society are invited to a number of special donor recognition events where they are kept up-to-date on our organizaitons activities, programs and happenings. ADS members may recieve special "perks" in association with events like our annual Cement Mixer Gala.

In November of 2012, Flower City Habitat hosted the American Dream Breakfast, asking influential member of the Rochester community to renew or begin a committment to donating $1,000 or more to over a 5 year period to Rochester house building. This financial committment will help us build more houses with more families, putting us closer to our 100 house goal in the JOSANA neighborhood.

Our thanks to the following philanthopists who have made a committment to our American Dream Breakfast in 2012: 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Aslin
Mr. Robert August
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bartlett
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Beilfuss
Ms. Mary Joan Bodensteiner
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Booth
Dianne & Newman Brown
Mr. Reinhardt Brucker
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Bullock
Mr. Robert Burns
Mr. John Cake
Mr. & Mrs. John Carver
Mr. & Mrs. Cloen
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Critchley
Mr. Don Cushing
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Czarnecki
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Eckert
Mr. Tim  Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gerstenberger
Ms. Kelly Glover
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Hammonds
Mr. & Mrs.Chris Heath
Mr. Andrew Hopfinger
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hursh
Ms. Karen M. Kehoe
Mr. Leslie Kernan
Mr. & Mrs. William Koch
Dr. & Mrs. James Koller
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart McCarty
Mr. & Mrs. Tim McCormick
Mr. & Mrs. Otto Muller-Girard
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Parulski
Mr. Mark Pautler
Mr. Michael Piccolo
Mr. Jeffrey  Pierce
Mr. Richard Pospula
Mr. Nagappa Ravindra
Red Barn Properties
Meredith Reiniger & Dee Dee Cormiciglia
Mr. & Mrs. Gene F. Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rixner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rogers
Mr. Bill Shaheen
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sprenkle
Ms. Sharon P. Stiller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Whitfield
Mr. Arthur Woodward
Mr. Bruce Yoder
Mr. Andrew Zappia
Ms. Laurie Zaucha




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