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Faith-Based Coalitions:

Our roots run deep in the faith community of Rochester, with a number of thriving Coalitions across Monroe County helping us to keep building approximately 40% of the homes we build each year. A Coalition can be comprised of between 6-12 faith houses (and sometimes other partners in the community) working together to achieve the common goal of building a Habitat house both financially and with their volunteer labor.

Current Active Coalitions Include:

We are always interested in gaining new faith partners, so if you or your church is interested in joining with us to build community in our neighborhood and within your congregation, please let Shannon Farnung know via phone (585-546-1470 ext. 304) or email (sfarnung@rochesterhabitat.org).

Fundraising as a Coalition:

Recently Flower City Habitat for Humanity has taken a more active role in helping our partners raise funds to help us building houses. We now have a dedicated staff person to assist your coalition in all aspects of partnering with us to build your next house! We’ll help you develop a fund-raising plan that will help you reach your goal and also help you along the way to prepare for, plan and execute (where necessary/appropriate) fundraisers that ‘fit’ within your church’s capabilities.

Some of the events that have worked for groups include but are not limited to the following:

  • Brick-selling campaign
  • Participating in Jazz for JOSANA
  • Holiday Pie Sale
  • Lucinda Pin Sale
  • Golf Tournaments


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