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Want to join us in 2017? Contact Beth Krueger Hershel at RocWomenBuild@gmail.com.
2017 Rochester Women Build: From Online to Onsite
Flower City Habitat for Humanity's Women Build Program brings Rochester women and businesses together for a common goal: to build a Habitat home for a family in need.

Through online fundraising, women form teams and set goals to raise pieces of the $65,000 needed to fund the build. Once the goal is reached, these women work alongside mother and family to build the Women Build house.

At Flower City Habitat for Humanity, we believe in "a hand-up not a hand-out" meaning that the Women Build home, like all Habitat homes, isn't just given away. Habitat homeowners provide at least 300 hours of sweat-equity into Habitat houses, financial literacy classes, home maintenence edicational classes, and community service. These families build alongside donors and volunteers, and once the house is closed the homeowner family will pay a no-profit mortgage which helps build more houses for more families.


The History of Women Build in Rochester NY

In 1995, Habitat embarked on its first “Women Building Together” project, now simply known as Women Build. A grant received from the Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation helped support this project located at 10 Evergreen Street. 
June of 1996 the second Women Build house was dedicated on December 14th. The construction of this house was supervised by two women volunteers who first started working with Habtiat during the 1995 WB project. 
In 1997 women will build their third house at 32 Hoeltzer Street. This project was led and organized by an all women steering committee and as many as 500 women, from all walks of life, skilled and unskilled, constructed the house. 
In the spring of 2002, FCHH invited the women of Rochester to help construct a new home in the Susan B. Anthony historic neighborhood. The famed social reformer and women's rights campaigner called this neighborhood her home for 40 years. This project, Flower City Habitat's fourth women-built home, commemorates the 150th anniversary of her involvement in the women's rights movement.
Construction of the 1,100 square foot home at 4 North Madison Park began in June 2002 and was completed in the late fall.

Starting in fall of 2006, Rochester women joined together to create a fifth all-women-built Habitat home at a perfect location, just ten doors down from the historic Susan B. Anthony house.
Since 2010, Women Build volunteers have committed to building a home every year, with the goal of some day expanding to multiple houses a year. The most unique Women Build project began.  After building three Women Build houses in a row, decreasing funding sources made it necessary to skip 3-4 years in between builds. This was very disappointing for the hundreds of women who started the legacy of Women Building homes in Rochester but those most disappointed were the families left waiting for a home to call their own.
Contrary to past Women Builds, the 2010 build did not rely on one or two major sources of funding but instead empowered teams of women to raise the funds necessary for materials, insurance and supervision. Fundraising for the house began over the winter of 2010 via a new "virtual" online application cleverly developed by Tipping Point Media.
The groundbreaking of 278 Campbell Street took place on April 21, 2010. Over 50 fundraising teams reaped the rewards of their efforts by raising the first wall on mother’s day weekend. A very emotional ceremony was held so the teams could meet the future homeowner and her family for the first time.

The National Program

The Women Build program was established by Habitat for Humanity International to encourage the involvement of women in the construction of Habitat homes. Crews of women volunteers have already built more than 1,000 Habitat for Humanity houses within the United States and they are now building in more than a dozen other countries.
The Women Build Program empowers women to build Habitat for Humanity homes, enabling them to positively impact the lives of children by making home ownership a reality for families. Lowe's is a sponsor for National Women Build Week.







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