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Take the Pledge

Join the world as we ask the UN to make housing a priority!

Cities, particularly in the developing world, are growing each and every day. One hundred years ago, 2 out
of every 10 people lived in an urban area. Now, more than 50 percent do. By 2050, 7 out of 10 people will call
cities home.
Although urbanization can mean economic opportunities and higher living standards, cities unprepared
for the influx of residents will face significant challenges such as swelling slum populations, environmental
harms, and lack of basic services.
If our planet is to end poverty in my lifetime, addressing these problems must be a priority for
every country in the world. And it will be ... if cities are a main focus in the United Nations’ Post-2015 Development Agenda.
The current draft of that agenda includes a goal to “Build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and human
settlements.” That goal would encourage governments around the world to be smart about housing, basic
services, transport, urban planning, disaster resilience, safe public spaces and the environment. I ask that the United Nations maintain this goal as part of the final Post-2015 Development Agenda.

You can sign the pledge here

Give Monthly

Giving $42 for World Habitat Day does a lot, but imagine the power of $42 a month to help us build MORE houses with MORE families. If you've already given $42 today, visit next month and when you give $42 set your donation to "recurring" on the online donation form. If you haven't yet given today, click here and be sure to check the recurring gift button on the form.

Spread the word with our poster

You can download and print our World Habitat Day PDF in both 11x17 (PDF) and 8.5x11 (PDF). Post them in your office, your church, or your classroom to get your friends and colleagues on board!

Sign-Up to Volunteer

Take a look at our online volunteer calendar and give a day back by to Rochester with your time and talent. Any day marked "open to the public" is available to you.

Shop or Donate to Flower City Habitat ReStore

Habitat ReStore is a home improvement store, open to the public, that sells new and donated items with 100% of proceeds going to fund Flower City Habitat building projects. Learn more about Rochester's Habitat ReStore here.

Help Rochester on World Habitat Day

Join with Habitat supporters around the country and the world who are taking the World Habitat Day pledge and saying it is NOT okay that so many families do not have access to decent, affordable housing.

In our own backyard over 42% of families* qualify for Flower City Habitat's low-income homebuyer program. These working families struggle without the savings necessary to put towards traditional homebuying programs. But at Flower City Habitat we give these families a chance to work towards homeownership with sweat-equity, financial literacy and other classes, and a no-profit mortgage.


Poverty housing is a true problem in Rochester. Lead paint, absentee landlords, inefficient insulation, mold, and ill-kept living conditions create blight in our neighborhoods, make it impossible for our children to learn, and hard for families or communities to thrive.

Won't you donate $42 dollars today, in honor of World Habitat Day and help the 42% of families in Rochester have access to healthy, affordable housing in Rochester, NY!

*Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2008-2012 American Community Survey. 


Share Your Good Deed
Share this graphic and message with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other places online. (Right click on the image and click "save as".) The more people we get involved, the more houses we can build!


For Facebook or Instagram:

I took the pledge today to eliminate poverty housing in my community and the world with @Flower City Habitat for Humanity. Won't you join me so that everyone can have access to the American Dream? Visit: http://www.rochesterhabitat.org/WorldHabitatDay.aspx and take the pledge, give $42 to help Flower City Habitat today! #WorldHabitatDay


For Twitter:

I took the pledge today to eliminate poverty housing in #Roc & the world with @ROChabitat. Join me: http://www.rochesterhabitat.org/WorldHabitatDay.aspx #WorldHabitatDay




About World Habitat Day

In 1985, the United Nations declared the first Monday in October to be World Habitat Day to recognize the vast housing need around the world. World Habitat Day is a special opportunity for Habitat for Humanity affiliates nationwide to call on individuals and organizations to help us address poverty housing and create housing solutions with families in urgent need of them. See what else is going on at Habitat for Humanity International - World Habitat Day 2014.

Why EVERY Donation Matters

In Rochester, we are very lucky. There is no shortage of land on which to build decent, affordable homes; no shortage of qualified homeowner families; no shortage of volunteer labor to help us. Our greatest challenge is finding the funds necessary to pay for materials, tools, insurance and construction supervision. Your donations will help fund everything needed for the success of our building efforts and our commitment to creating strong neighborhoods in Rochester, NY.

Perhaps today you can help us raise a roof or two?




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